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Brain Health Awareness

Angelini Pharma presents Lampi (lightnings), an auteur short film on brain health.

Angelini Pharma presents Lampi (Lightnings), a short film directed by Paolo Santamaria that aims to raise awareness about brain health, in particular neurological diseases, and the stigma that still surrounds patients suffering from them and leads to their isolation.

The uniqueness of each individual human being is invaluable, and Lampi (Lightnings) tells this story with sensitivity and empathy, allowing the viewer to identify with the story of Viola, a former water polo champion who retires after an accident and discovers that she has the "special ability" of emitting flashes of electric light from her body, particularly from her hands. It is an uncontrollable gesture that causes her discomfort even when she is inside a pool full of people during one of her regular training sessions.

Viola's character is inspired by those human superheroes who often suffer as a result of their special abilities and tend to isolate themselves from the outside world.

The final message of the short film, however, conveys a positive vision of the future: sometimes all it takes is a simple encounter to change the perspective of our perceptions and understand that what we think of as weaknesses are actually strengths, factors that can make us unique.

Through the film's oneiric metaphor, Angelini Pharma intends to contribute to putting brain health, which is recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the priorities for action in the coming years, back on the political agenda.